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The current design is very simple, mainly due to time constraints on my part. (Ahh thank you so much Megan for your patience!) But I ended up using many dark, strange colours, mixed with those epic and surreal Salvador Dalí (except for one; the eye in the header by René Magritte) we all love and hate and feel familiar and uncomfortable all at once. I love his paintings where the human body is all disfigured and abnormally big or small, because those are the sorts of emotions you get in dreams. The emotions that reverse your body and make you feel lopsided and upside down and strange and freaky. I love surreal art, they capture dreams so beautifully! Below are listed the photographs in an order where possible:

  1. The Persistence of Memory (1931) more info »
    I chose this as the name of the fanlisting. In studying dreams, I've found that much of our conscious memory pushes into our subconscious thoughts when we sleep. You may have seen an orange piece of paper crushed on a wet pavement by a brush of the eye; later in your dreams, you may see orange balloons suffocating the sky, drenched in rain and making you feel uneasy when you wake up. I read Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams" very briefly when I was a teenager and hated it because it made my dreams so much less mysterious, as Freud related dreams to the persistence of our conscious memories, even if they are of the smallest significance. But as I grew older, I learned to appreciate the breadth of the human mind to take note of such little memories, pocket them into the wonders of our dreams, and apply unique meaning to them. As the nature of memory is so obscure and mysterious anyway, this gradually added more magic to the mystery of dreams. Thus, the "persistence of memory" is what makes our dreams so beautiful and enigmatic.
  2. Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach (1938) more info »
  3. The Hand (Remorse) (1930) more info »
  4. Person at the Window (1925) more info »
  5. The First Days of Spring (1929) more info »
  6. Sleep - Le Sommeil (1937) more info »
  7. The False Mirror (1935) by René Magritte more info »

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