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Laura from Finland (website)
Laura from England (website)
Lauren from United States (website)
Lauren from United States (website)
Laurie from United States (website)
Lena from Germany (website)
Lia from United States (website)
Lilly from United States (website)
Lily Grace from United States (website)
Lindsay from United States (website)
Lis from Brazil (website)
Lisa from Germany (website)
Lola from United States (website)
Lora from United States (website)
Lordmakubex from Philippines (website)
Lore from Dominican Republic (website)
Lotte from Denmark (website)
Lotte from Netherlands (website)
Luci from Finland (website)
They are very fun and interesting, so chaotic and strange...They are always fun to reminisce.
Lucy from England (website)
Luna from Philippines (website)
Ly from Czech Republic (website)
Maffa from Germany (website)
Mahorka from Germany (website)
Maisa from Chile (website)
means my hidden desires, sorrows and joys.
Malwina from Poland (website)
Mandie from United States (website)
Mandy from United States (website)
Maria from United States (website)
Mariana from Brazil (website)
Mariana from Peru (website)
Marije from Australia (website)
Marisa from Portugal (website)
Marisa from United States (website)
Dreams are a way to confront things in real life you are to afraid to do. And are freeing
Martin Bradley from England (website)
When I close my eyes and drift in to slumber, I enter a new world. One where there are no boundaries except my imagination. Images of times gone by and, just perhaps, times to come?
Mary from United States (website)
Mary from Brazil (website)
Mayã from Brazil (website)
Maz from England (website)
Meg from Canada (website)
Megan from United States (website)
Meghan from United States (website)
Melissa from United States (website)
Melissa from United States (website)
Mercedes from United States (website)
Michelle from Denmark (website)
Michi from Philippines (website)
Minna from Finland (website)
Mirthe from Netherlands (website)
Missy from United States (website)
Missy from United States (website)
Mitsue from United States (website)
Miya from United States (website)
Mizuiro from Malaysia (website)
Moira from Greece (website)
Molly from England (website)
Myka from United States (website)
Nadia from Argentina (website)
Naellya from Canada (website)
Natze from Germany (website)
They inspire me. When I can remember a dream after getting up, I have to think about it the whole day. I love the feeling when I dream about things / people I love. And I like nightmares also.
Nesli from Turkey (website)
Niana from France (website)
Nicole from Italy (website)
Nienna from Czech Republic (website)
Nightshade from United States (website)
Nigripes from Finland (website)
Noelle from United States (website)
Nomu from France (website)
Noriko from Japan (website)
Nyla from United States (website)
Oona from Finland (website)
Panne from Hungary (website)
Perelka from Poland (website)
Dreaming is escaping from reality. Nothing more, nothing less.
Piikki from Finland (website)
Pixie Child from Canada (website)
Pixiee from Finland (website)
Princess Gam from England (website)
Rachael from England (website)
Rachel from Canada (website)
Rachel from England (website)
Raine from England (website)
Dreams are part of the conscious, subconscious, reality and fallacy all at once. They can be insightful, ridiculous, deeply sensual, epic, terrifying, and even mildly prophetic. They are magical!
Rayne from Canada (website)
Reena from Germany (website)
Rerith from Poland (website)
Rion from Thailand (website)
Robin from Sweden (website)
Robin from United States (website)
They are insights, warnings, and sometimes the best kind of "what-if" scenarios.
Robine from Netherlands (website)
Robine from Netherlands (website)
Romeo from United States (website)
sometime come true.
Rosy Crystal from Italy (website)
Sabina from Germany (website)
Sabrina from Switzerland (website)
Sakura from United States (website)
Sam from Canada (website)
Samantha from Philippines (website)
Sandra from Germany (website)
Sandra from Portugal (website)
Sani from Germany (website)
Sara from Portugal (website)